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Thermostatic Shower System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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If you're having any issues with your thermostatic shower, such as the shower not mixing water and only running cold or hot water, then this quick troubleshooting guide should hopefully resolve your problems.

The most common causes of a valve not mixing properly are:

  • Debris in the system resulting in blocked filters and preventing the correct function of the thermostat

  • Lime scale build up in filters or on thermostat capsule

  • Incorrect pressures - both hot and cold pressures must be equal


Typically, these issues are resolved by carrying out one of the following actions:

  • Removing the thermostat, flushing water through without the thermostat fitted to remove any debris

  • Removing the thermostat, cleaning the filters and thermostat capsule using a soft brush and warm water

  • Fit a pressure reducer to higher pressure supply or fit a pump to lower pressure supply to achieve the minimum working pressure of the mixer


Please see below an illustrated guide for removing the thermostat from your valve. Please note, this is for illustrative purposes only, the design of your valve may differ from that shown below.


1. Firstly, ensure you TURN OFF the water supply before attempting to remove the thermostat. 

2. Remove the handle and take note of the stop ring position for re-fitting:


3. Brush the filters to remove any debris or build up that may be causing a blockage:

4. Clean the capsule:

5. To re-calibrate, remove the handle but do not remove the stop ring (1). Turn the spindle (2) until desired range is achieved: 

6. Refit the handle so that the button stops at 38°c, locating the internal pin(3) at the stop (4)

7. The maximum outlet temperature must always be 10°c lower than the hot supply


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